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Error Code Support 1050 & 1055

DesignJet 1050 and 1055 Error Codes

DesignJet 1050 & 1055 Error Codes
0B0000 error – Bad Ambient Temperature Measured
0B0001 error – Bad Humidity Read
0B0002 error – Bad IDS Pressure Read
0B0003 error – ACDO Intrenal Channles Check Failure
0B0004 error – Unable To Detect Pump
0B0005 error – Unable To Detect Valve
0B0006 error – Trailing Cable Incorrectly Connected OR Fuse In Electronics Module Has Burned
0B0007 error – Unable To Detect Vacuum Fan
0B0008 error – >Unable To Detect Cooling Fan
0B0009 error – Unable To Detect Aerosol Fan (Including On Right Cover)
0B000A error – Primer Shut Down Error
0B000B error -Pump Or Pressure Sensor Not Working
0B000C error – Serial Device ADC Test Failure
0B000D error – 24 V Source Test Faiulre
0B000E error – Short Circuit In Scan-Axis Motor
0000D8 error – External Library Error
01002D error – The Main PCA Cannot Communicate With The Carriage
010020 error – FirmWare DIMM Test Failure
010021 error – Memory Module Test Failure
010023 error – EEROM Test Failure
010028 error – EEROM Checksum Failure
010029 error – EEROM Write Failure
010040 error – Error In Paper-Axis Encoder Quadrature
010041 error – Error In Scan-Axis Encoder Quadrature
010042 error – Error In Service Station-Axis Encoder Quadrature
010050 error – PostScript Processing Error
01009X error – Error In Paper-Axis Motor Encoder
02xxxx error – PostScript/Firmware Error
04Cxxx error – EIO Accessories (EIO Card/Hard Disk Drive) Error
048xxx error – EIO Card Is From A Third Party Vendor May Not Be Fully Compliant With IIO Protocol Specification2.0 OR EIO Card Firmware Is Not Updated
048500 error – There Are Too Many EIO Cards Connected To Printer
060300 error – One Of The Printheads Has Internal Electrical Problem
060301 error – One Of The Printheads Has Internal Electrical Problem
060305 error – Thermal Shutdown Error(One Of The Printheads Has Gone Above Maximum Teperture)
060306 error – Problem With Printhead Selection
060307 error – APA Regulation Failure
060308 error – APA Regulation Failure
060309 error – Problem With Setting The Voltage Of Printheads
06030A error – Error In Finding The Mark Encoder
06030B error – The Ambient Temperture Measured Is Out Of The Normal Range
070100 error – Firmware Error
080001 error – PostScript Error
09xxxx error – EIO Accessories (EIO Card/Hard Disk Drive) Error
09Axxx error – Internal Error
09A001 error – There Are Too Many Hard Disk Drives Connected To The Printer
09Bxxx error – Internal Error
09Cxxx error – Internal Error
0A0000 error – The Air Pressure Is Below The Minimum Requirement
0A0010 error – Problem In Pressurizing The Air System
0A0020 error – Error In Cabrating The APS Sensor
0A0030 error – Problem In Depressurizing Air System
0A0040 error – Ink Tubes Initialization Failure Due To Low Air Pressure
0A0050 error – The Printer Has Detected A Leak In The Tubes System Before The Life Of The System
0A0060 error – The Printer Has Detected A Leak In The Tubes System After The Life Of The System
0A0070 error – The Backup EEROM Contents Stored In The Tubes Systems Are Not Consistent With The Ones Required By The Firmware
0C0030 error – Bad Drop Detector
0C0032 error – Drop Detector Not Calibrated For All Printheads
0C1000 error – Primer Not Calibrated
0C1001 error – Primer Shutdown Error
0D00 error – System Error Code Related To The Multi-roll Feeder